Treasure 20

24 September 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the commencement of the Treasure Act 1996 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Over this time, thousands of archaeological items have been acquired by public museums through the Act. To mark this anniversary, we’re celebrating a season of Treasure throughout 2017. Keep a lookout for the Treasure20 logo on display at museums up and down the country, and follow news and events on social media with the hashtag #Treasure20.

Frome Hoard on display at Museum of Somerset

Treasure 20 – The Frome Hoard – the Nation’s Favourite Find
The Daily Telegraph hosted an online poll for readers to choose their favourite Treasure find from a short list of 20, selected by experts After almost 10,000 votes, the Frome Hoard of 52,000 Roman coins beat out the Staffordshire Hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold as the Nation’s favourite find.

Below is a list of all of the institutions participating in Treasure20, and the Treasure finds they have on display.

Those marked ** were in the Top20

County Museum Find (Treasure number)
Belfast Ulster Museum Corrard Bronze Age gold torc (NI)  
Downpatrick Bronze Age gold bulla (NI)**
Bristol Bristol Museum & Art Gallery Thornbury Roman coin hoard (2005 T486)
Dundry Bronze Age hoard (2011 T167)
M Shed Alveston Medieval ring (2009 T131)
Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire County Museum Cublington area Bronze Age gold penannular ring (2003 T91)
Ellesborough area Bronze Age gold torcs (2009 T435)
Whitchurch Roman silver spoon (2002 T202)
West Wycombe area Roman coin hoard (2005 T43)
Wing area Roman gold finger-ring (2012 T831)
Lenborough Early Medieval coin hoard (2014 T973)
Nash area Early Medieval silver disc brooch (2012 T503)
Edlesborough Area Early Medieval silver-gilt brooch (2005 T35)
Ellesborough Early Medieval silver pin (2014 T129)
Twyford area Early Medieval silver mount (2013 T528)
Edlesborough Early Medieval silver strap end (2011 T57)
Gawcott Early Medieval gold pendant (2011 T802)
North Crawley area Medieval gold brooch (2006 T529)
Wing area Medieval gold iconographic ring (2011 T852)
Aston Abbots Medieval silver earscoop (2008 T240)
Princes Risborough Medieval silver-gilt crucifix (2011 T59)
Buckingham Post-Medieval gold finger-ring (2002 T26)
Wing area Post-Medieval gold lace tag (2011 T854)
Princes Risborough Post-Medieval silver vervel (2015 T216)
Cambridgeshire Ely Museum East Cambridgeshire Bronze Age bracelet (2011 T926)
Little Thetford Bronze Age ring money (2005 T373)
Ely Roman ring (2007 T535)
Soham Early Medieval sleeve-clasp (2008 T496)
Weston Colville Early Medieval sword pyramid (2007 T188) 
Chippenham Early Medieval hooked-tag (MMET.54)
Soham Post-Medieval ring (2007 T163)
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Gold wire finger-ring (2003 T27)
St Neots Museum West Cambridgeshire Hoard (2010 T681)
Cardiff National Museum Wales Llanmaes Bronze Age site and settlement**
Burton Bronze Age hoard (2004 W2)
Langstone Iron Age hoard
Llanvaches Roman coin hoard
Rogiet Roman coin Hoard
Abergavenny Early Medieval coin hoard**
Raglan Medieval ring
Kilgetty Medieval pendant
Cheshire Congleton Museum Sand Bach Roman ring (2013 T319)
Church Lawton Early Medieval strap end (2013 T46)
Swettenham Post-Medieval seal matrix (2015 T732)
Middlewich Post-Medieval mourning ring (2011 T188)
Lower Withington Post-Medieval toothpick/earscoop (2015 T597)
Grosvenor Museum Knutsford Roman hoard (2012 T406)
Nantwich Museum Acton Roman coin hoard (2014 T966)
Nantwich Roman finger ring (2003 T334)
Faddiley Early Medieval cross pendant (LVPL1711)
Hurleston Medieval brooch (2009 T446)
Spurstow Medieval cross (MME316)
Nantwich Post-Medieval dress hook (2012 T655)
Faddiley Post-Medieval finger ring (2002 T145)
Cheshire Warrington Museum and Art Gallery Winwick Medieval brooch (2006 T549)
Cornwall Royal Cornwall Museum St Levan II Roman coin hoard (2015 T243)
Royal Cornwall Museum (tbc) St Levan V Iron Age coin hoard (2016 T19)
Camborne Bronze Age gold twisted torc fragment (2010 T748)
Paul Bronze Age gold twisted torc fragment (2006 T550)
Padstow Bronze Age gold ingot fragment (2005 T110)
Hayle Bronze Age gold ribbon ornament (2014 T283)
Roche Bronze Age gold armlet mount (2014 T39)
Mylor Hoard of 33 Bronze Age copper-alloy axes in pot (2005 T323)
St Buryan hoard of Bronze Age copper-alloy axes and ingots (2012 T570)
St Winnow Roman coin hoard of 1082 base silver radiates
North Cornwall Roman gold child’s finger-ring (2006 T463)
Breage Roman gold finger-ring (2014 T189)
Maker with Rame Roman gold pendant amulet (2008 T782)
St Buryan Roman gold bracelet (2007 T140)
Luxulyan Roman coin hoard of 45 base silver radiates (2012 T172) 
Newquay Medieval silver seal matrix of Thurstan of Treago (2011 T125) 
Forrabury and Minster Medieval silver piedfort (2013 T410) 
Gwithian Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress hook (2005 T64) 
Hayle Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress hook (2004 T339)
Cumbria Dock Museum, Barrow-in-Furness Dalton Roman bracelet (2012 T627)
Kendal Museum Arnside area Roman coin hoard (2010 T301)
Silverdale Roman coin hoard (2009 T45)
Burton-in-Kendal Anglo-Saxon drinking horn terminal (2013 T17)
Hincaster Medieval coin hoard (2004 T288)
Upton area Medieval silver brooch (2006 T264)
North Carnforth area Medieval coin hoard (2008 T695)
South Lakeland Medieval coin hoard (2009 T119)
Morecambe Bay area Medieval coin hoard (2009 T197)
Burton-in Kendal Medieval silver brooch (2012 T263)
Kendal area Medieval silver finger-ring (2010 T693)
Natland Tudor silver-gilt dress-hook (2013 T598)
Kendal Post-Medieval silver bead (2010 T228)
East Cumbria Post-Medieval coin hoard (2009 T213)
Derbyshire Erewash Museum Erewash Post-Medieval finger ring (2008 T190)
Devon Tiverton Museum Uffculme Post-Medieval finger-ring
Willand Post-Medieval coin hoard (2011 T794)
Torquay Museum Brixham Bronze Age ingot (2011 T441)
Newton Abbott Roman coin hoard (2007 T209)
West Ogwell Post-Medieval spoon (2003 T341)
Royal Albert Memorial Museum Seaton Roman coin hoard (2013 T763)
Newton Abbot Town & GWR Museum Newton Abbott Post-Medieval coin hoard (2012 T865)
Dorset Dorset County Museum Tarrant Valley Bronze Age lunula (2014 T257)
Langton Matravers Bronze Age hoard (2007 T629)
Durham Durham Castle and Museum of Archaeology Durham area Medieval gold finger-ring (2014 T55)
Stanhope Medieval silver figner-ring (2014 T528)
Durham Post-Medieval gold mourning ring (2015 T249)
Coxhoe Post-Medieval silver coins (2015 T413)
East Sussex Battle Museum Battle Post-Medieval vervel (2006 T60)
Barbican House Museum Lewes area Bronze Age hoard (2011 T192)
Essex Colchester Castle Museum East of Colchester Bronze Age Hoard (2004 T116)
Colchester area Roman gold finger-ring (2008 T448)
Colchester area Roman gold finger-ring (2013 T608)
The Fenwick Roman Treasure (2014 T577)
Wix Early Medieval torn gold pendant (2009 T395)
East of Colchester Early Medieval gold sword pommel cap (2004 T37)
South of Colchester area Early Medieval silver hooked tag (2014 T172)
St Osyth Medieval silver-gilt angel figurine (2013 T133)
Tendring area Medieval silver seal matrix (2008 T233)
Tendring area Medieval gold finger-ring (2008 T235)
Tendring area Medieval gold figurine of John the Baptist (2008 T581)
Tendring area Medieval gold finger-ring with sapphire (2008 T580)
Great Tey Medieval silver iconographic ring (2004 T106)
North of Colchester Medieval gold iconographic ring (2006 T445)
Brentwood Post-Medieval pendant (2006 T582)
Colchester area Post-Medieval silver vervel (2014 T174)
Little Bromley Post-Medieval silver cufflink (2005 T168)
North of Colchester Post-Medieval silver cufflink (2006 T481)
North of Colchester Post-Medieval silver cufflinks (2006 T499)
Tendring area Post-Medieval silver pendant of Charles I (2007 T15)
South West Essex Post-Medieval gold and diamond pendant (2006 T582) 
East of Colchester Post-Medieval silver cufflink (2007 T638)
Colchester area Post-Medieval silver cufflinks (2011 T215)
Gloucestershire Corinium Museum Batsford Bronze Age penannular ring (P&EE 60)
Driffield Roman ring (2003 T5)
Hampnett Medieval ring (2003 T358)
Quenington Roman silver ring (2004 T75)
Northleach Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress hook (2004 T277)
Poulton Medieval silver-gilt sword chape (2004 T276)
Tetbury Roman coin hoard (2010 T566)
Circencester Roman coin hoard (2004 T500)
Poulton Roman coin hoard (2005 T416)
Poulton Bronze Age hoard (2005 T79)
Northleach Anglo-Saxon gold button (2008 T646)
Saintbury Medieval silver-gilt brooch (2006 T343)
Coberley Medieval silver-gilt finger-ring (2007 T512)
Coberley Anglo-Saxon silver hooked tag (2007 T500)
Coberley Medieval figurine arm (2007 T696)
Coberley Medieval ring (2007 T517)
Withington Post-Medieval pendant (2009 T369)
Coberley Post-Medieval pinhead (2012 T281)
Long Newnton Medieval brooch (2012 T385)
Long Newnton Medieval strap fitting (2011 T905)
Long Newnton Medieval strap fitting (2012 T387)
Long Newnton Roman earing (2011 T256)
Coberley Bronze Age bead (2012 T382)
Chipping Campden Medieval silver brooch (2012 T440)
Chedworth Roman brooch (2014 T640)
Chedworth Roman ring (2013 T392)
Temple Guiting Medieval pendant (2013 T140)
Gloucestershire Dean Heritage Centre Littledean Post-Medieval posy ring (2012 T761)
Yorkley Roman coin hoard (2012 T884)
Gloucestershire Museum in the Park, Stroud Nailsworth Roman coin hoard (2005 T186)
North Nibley Roman silver finger-ring (2007 T261)
Rodborough Roman copper-alloy coins (2002 T214)
Cotswold area Medieval silver brooch (2006 T135)
Hamfallow Medieval silver terminal (2006 T325)
South Gloucestershire Medieval silver-gilt brooch (2007 T208)
Standish Medieval gold and gem finger-ring (2002 T121)
Ham and Stone Medieval copper-alloy brooch w/silver pin (2010 T155)
South Gloucestershire Medieval silver and gem brooch (2014 T856)
Ham and Stone Post-Medieval silver coins (2007 T384)
Hardwicke Post-Medieval silver thimble (2014 T124)
North Nibley Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress pin (2014 T250)
Hamfallow Post-Medieval gold finger-ring (2009 T372)
Draycott Post-Medieval silver thimble (2010 T285)
Hampshire Southampton City Museum Southampton gold pendants (2002 T171)
Millbrook Roman coin hoard (2008 T167)
Sholing medieval brooch (2009 T179)
Herefordshire Stocktonbury Gardens, Leominster Leominster Roman coin hoard (2013 T492)
Hertfordshire North Hertfordshire Museum Kelshall Roman hoard (2015 T909)
Potters Bar Museum Roman spoon (2010 T275)
Verulamium Museum Sandridge Roman coin hoard (2012 T674)
Turner’s Hall Farm Roman assemblage (need)**
Hertford Museum Bronze Age gold penannular ring (2006 T379)
Roman silver finger-ring (2006 T418)
Early Medieval silver hooked tag (2007 T200)
Early Medieval silver mount (2009 T111)
Medieval silver nativity ring (2009 T595)
Roman silver finger-ring (2009 T596)
Roman silver finger-ring (2009 T597)
Bronze Age ingots (2011 T735)
Tudor silver-gilt dress fastener (2013 T890)
Roman silver finger-ring (2014 T82)
Isle of Wight Brading Roman Villa Brighstone coin hoard (2011 T74)
Guildhall Museum, Newport Freshwater Bronze Age gold bracelet fragment (2014 T15)
Arreton Early Medieval silver sword ring (2013 T388)
Shorwell Early Medieval silver brooch (2010 T524)
Arreton Medieval silver seal matrix (2006 T375)
Shorwell Post-Medieval silver pendant (2011 T734)
Freshwater Post-Medieval silver pendant (2012 T197)
Shalfleet Post-Medieval silver whistle (2005 T96)
Newport Roman Villa Northwood Bronze Age copper-alloy palstaves (2004 T67)
Calbourne Bronze Age fold penannular ring (2014 T593)
Eastern Isle of Wight Bronze Age gold composite ring (2004 T286)
Calbourne Bronze Age gold basket jewellery (2005 T113)
Calbourne Bronze Age gold penannular ring (2009 T682)
Shalfleet Early Medieval silver sword ring (2006 T544)
Brighstone Early Medieval silver-gilt brooch (2005 T327)
Shalfleet area Early Medieval gold bracteate (2008 T127)
Shalfleet Early Medieval silver-gilt sword pommel (2009 T173)
Bembridge Early Medieval gold sword pyramid mount (2002 T213)
Arreton Early Medieval silver zoomorphic hinge (2015 T521)
Calbourne Early Medieval gold and garnet pendant (2014 T586)
Brighstone Early Medieval silver hooked tag (2009 T285)
Newport Medieval gold finger-ring (2007 T460)
Shorwell Medieval silver seal matrix (2008 T259) 
Havenstreet and Ashey Medieval silver annular brooch (2009 T106)
Shorwell Medieval silver -gilt finger ring (2009 T183)
Yarmouth Post-Medieval silver bodkin (2009 T453)
Shorwell Post-Medieval silver dress hook (2008 T328)
Shorwell Post-Medieval silver brooch (2008 T366)
Kent Maidstone Museum Boughton Malherbe Bronze Age Hoard (2011 T464)
Hollingbourne Anglo-Saxon assemblage (2014 T90)
Thurnham Anglo-Saxon pendants (2003 T207)
Lancashire Lancashire Museums Silverdale Viking hoard (2011 T569)
Lancaster City Museum Quernmore Medieval badge (2014 T380)
Leicestershire Bosworth Battlefield Visitors Centre Bosworth Medieval badge (2009 T480)
Bosworth Medieval badge (2006 T270)
Charnwood Museum Rothley Bronze Age hoard (2009 T278)
Woodhouse Bronze Age penannular ring (2012 T573)
Charley Roman coin hoard (2015 T457)
Shepshed Early Medieval pendant (2006 T568)
Sapcote Anglo-Saxon pendant (2003 T364)
Charnwood Medieval coin hoard (2012 T586)
Leicestershire Harborough Museum Gilmorton Neolithic basket ornaments (2006 T154)
Claybrooke Anglo-Saxon pin (2009 T28)
Illston Medieval ring (2012 T605)
Hallaton Roman ring (2012 T434)
Dunton Bassett Medieval ring (2012 T766)
Gilmorton Medieval brooch (2004 T434)
Fleckney Post-Medieval medallion (2010 T341)
South Leicestershire Iron Age coin hoard (2010 T735)
Hallaton Iron Age and Roman coin hoard (2000 T236)
Leicestershire Melton Carnegie Museum Asfordby Bronze Age bracelet (2014 T303)
Melton area Early Medieval bead (2009 T419)
Rotherby Early Medieval ring (2002 T25)
Scalford Early Medieval bracteate (2010 T414)
Melton area Early Medieval bracteate (2014 T301)
Melton area Early Medieval mount (2011 T690)
Burton Lazars Early Medieval mount (2003 T79)
Waltham on the Wolds Medieval ring (M&ME442)
Grimston Post-Medieval cufflinks (2012 T781)
Frisby Post-Medieval ring (2013 T163)
Kirby Bellars Post-Medieval ring (2013 T899)
Hoby Post-Medieval ring (2014 T299)
Lincolnshire The Collection, Lincoln (tbc) Ewerby Civil War coin hoard (2016 T820)
Lincolnshire, North North Lincolnshire Museum Roxby cum Risby Bronze Age ornament (2004 T490)
Roxby cum Risby Bronze Age palstave hoard (2011 T557)
Kirton in Lindsey Roman finger ring (2012 T618)
Hibaldstow Roman finger ring (2004 T65)
Winteringham Roman finger ring (2008 T591)
Roxby cum Risby Roman finger ring (2006 T301)
Bottesford Roman coin hoard (1997-8 no.128 & 2014 T288)
Kirton in Lindsey Roman/Early Medieval brooch (2012 T679)
South Ferriby Early Medieval pin head (2013 T267)
South Ferriby Early Medieval hooked tag (2013 T270)
Winteringham Early Medieval coin brooch (2013 T284)
Barton upon Humber Anglo-Saxon pendant (2014 T202)
Newball Anglo-Saxon cross pendant (2005 T136)
Melton Ross Anglo-Saxon pin (2003 T390)
Manton Anglo-Saxon pin head (2005 T545)
Swinhope Anglo-Saxon pin (2003 T43)
Holton le Moor Anglo-Saxon drinking horn mounts (2002 T237)
South Ferriby Viking Thor’s hammer pendant (2013 T176)
Winteringham Viking pendant (2014 T631)
Barton upon Humber Viking ingot (2008 T7)
Roxby cum Risby Viking ingot (2007 T682)
Whitton Viking brooch (MME.T353)
Low Santon Medieval brooch (2009 T200)
Barrow upon Humber Medieval brooch (2014 T365)
Appleby Medieval brooch (2011 T865)
Brigg Medieval finger ring (2012 T768)
Kirton in Lindsey Medieval ignot (2012 T565)
Kirton in Lindsey Medieval cross pendant (2013 T623)
South Ferriby Medieval pilgrim badge (2013 T275)
Bonby Medieval iconographic finger ring (2007 T174)
Bigby Medieval coin hoard (2007 T172)
Barton upon Humber Post-Medieval hunting whistle (2004 T253)
Roxby cum Risby Post-Medieval iconographic finger ring (2014 T729)
Holme Post-Medieval posy ring (2007 T120)
Hibaldstow Post-Medieval brooch (2007 T635)
South Ferriby Post-Medieval dress hook (2013 T272)
Roxby cum Risby Post-Medieval mount (2010 T539)
Scawby Post-Medieval clasp (2010 T686)
Winteringham Post-Medieval dress hook (2010 T493)
Winteringham Post-Medieval knife ferrule (2013 T419)
Winterton Post-Medieval dress hook (2011 T108)
Winterton Post-Medieval dress hook (2011 T582)
Winterton Post-Medieval dress hook (2013 T531)
Liverpool Museum of Liverpool Huxley Viking hoard (2004 T453)
London British Museum Ringlemere Bronze Age cup (2001 T005)**
Woolaston Bronze Age hoard (2013 T805)
Farndon Bronze Age penannular ring (2005 T195)
Cambridgeshire Bronze Age gold torc (2015 T715)
Winchester Iron Age hoard (2016 T1037)
Owermoigne Iron/Roman Age coin hoard (2010 T404) 
Ashwell Roman hoard (2002 T215)**
Gussage All-Saints Roman silver coin (2010 T177)
Selby area Roman silver coin hoard (2010 T119)
Kirk Smeaton Roman gold lamella (2009 T325)
Kelshall Roman glass bowls (2015 T909)
Eye area Early Medieval gold and enamel mount (2004 T141)
Hackleton Medieval gold brooch
Little Ouseburn Medieval silver seal matrix (2012 T25)
Hockley Medieval gold reliquary pendant (2009 T256)
Firle Post-Medieval gold memorial ring (2004 T387)
Leconfield Post-Medieval gold finger-ring
Wilberfoss Post-Medieval gold posy ring (MME T432)
Wattlesborough Post-Medieval gold posy ring (2002 T129)
Kingerby Post-Medieval silver cap-hook
Hackney Museum Hackney Post-Medieval gold coin hoard (2007 T365)**
Norfolk Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery Hempnall Bronze Age axe moulds (2012 T722)
Billingford Roman gold lamella (2003 T93)
Binham Early Medieval gold bracteate hoard (2014 T950)**
Balthild Early Medieval gold matrix (1998 T38)**
Hingham Viking silver coin and jewellery hoard (2012 T319)
Prince Henry Post-Medieval silver hawking ring (2012 T88)
Northamptonshire Daventry Museum Ashby St Ledgers Medieval gold brooch (2009 T139)
Oundle Museum Northamptonshire Medieval gold ring (2015 T700)
Titchmarsh Post-Medieval silver cufflink (2015 T96)
Nottinghamshire Bassetlaw Museum Tuxford Bronze Age copper-alloy hoard (2011 T429) 
Walkeringham Roman TOT silver finger-ring (2010 T732) 
Scaftworth Roman gold finger-ring (2013 T65) 
Tuxford Early Medieval silver and glass pendant (2007 T78)
Misson Early Medieval silver mount (2011 T416)
South Leverton Early Medieval gold ingot (2005 T392) 
Blyth Nornay Early Medieval gold and garnet terminal (2000 T199)
Gringley-on-the-Hill Medieval silver seal matrix (2004 T78) 
Rampton Medieval silver brooch (2009 T118) 
North Nottinghamshire Medieval silver finger-ring (2010 T159) 
Headon cum Upton Medieval silver-gilt mount (2010 T680) 
Blyth Medieval finger ring (2011 T265)
South Leverton Medieval pendant (2009 T130) 
Elkesley Medieval pendant (2009 T701)
Bawtry Medieval apostle spoon (2011 T151) 
Tuxford Medieval crucifix (2008 T512) 
Church Laneham Post Medieval finger ring (2002 T67) 
National Civil War Centre (Newark Museum) Newark Iron Age gold torc (2005 T52)
Newark Early Medieval gold and garnet pendant (2007 T594) 
Hawton Parish Anglo-Saxon gold and garnet pendant (2009 T542) 
Edwinstowe Medieval silver-gilt badge (2008 T299) 
Hawton Post-Medieval gold posy finger ring (2007 T4) 
Kirklington Post-Medieval gold pendant (2007 T458) 
Hawton Post-Medieval gold finger-ring (2007 T375) 
Rolleston area Post-Medieval gold locket (2008 T9) 
Nottinghamshire Post-Medieval posy finger ring (2010 T489) 
Oxfordshire Ashmolean Museum Chalgrove Roman copper-alloy hoard (2003 T83)**
Holderness Early Medieval gold and garnet cross (1998 T63)
Watlington Viking silver coin hoard (2015 T759)
Astall Medieval gold coin hoard (2007 T433)
Powys Powysland Museum Montgomery Roman coin hoard (2011 W11)
Trefeglwys Roman coins (2006 W16)
Sarn Post-Medieval finger-ring (2008 W17)
Dyffryn Lane Henge Medieval gold finger-ring (2006 W22)
Oswestry Post-Medieval silver coin hoard (2010 T418)
Oswestry Post-Medieval silver coin hoard (2010 T321)
Welshpool Post-Medieval silver coin hoard (2007 W12)
Radnorshire Museum Llysdinam Medieval silver coin hoard   (2011 W5)
Old Radnor Post-Medieval silver hawking whistle (07.21)
Shropshire Bridgnorth Museum Bridgnorth Medieval gold finger-ring (2002 T122)
Albrighton Roman silver coin hoard (2005 T440)
The House on Crutches Museum Lydham Post-Medieval silver thimble (2004 T271)
Ludlow Museum Bitterley Civil War silver coin hoard (2011 T89)
South Shropshire Early Medieval gold finger-ring (2012 T561)
Shrewsbury Museum River Perry area Bronze Age gold bracelet (2006 T34)
Rivery Perry area Bronze Age gold bracelet – 2nd part (2008 T670)
Cardeston area Iron Age gold droplets (2004 T408)
Nescliffe Iron Age copper-alloy spoons (2005 T228)
Shrewsbury Roman coin hoard (2009 T450)
Eaton Constantine Roman gold amulet case (P&EE 66)
West Shropshire Early Medieval gold and garnet pendant (2004 T452)
Clive Early Medieval silver ingot (1999 T126)
Ellesmere area Early Medieval silver strap end (2004 T492)
North East Shropshire Early Medieval silver pin head (2009 T293)
Condover area Medieval gold finger-ring (2004 T495)
Bayston Hill Medieval silver seal-matrix (2006 T126)
Oswestry area Medieval silver brooch (2006 T429)
Myddle and Broughton Medieval gold coin hoard (2007 T534)
Tong area Medieval silver pilgrim badge (2008 T71)
Baschurch area Medieval silver coin hoard (2007 T545)
Whitchurch area Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress fastener (2003 T329)
Oswestry area Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress pin (2009 T519)
Shropshire Whitchurch Heritage Centre Prees area Early Medieval silver hooked tag (2013 T306)
Somerset Museum of Somerset Priddy Bronze Age hoard (2005 T523)
Frome Roman coin hoard (2010 T272)**
Yeovil Roman coin hoard (2013T179)
Nether Stowey Civil War silver hoard (2008 T645)**
Westonzoyland Post-Medieval silver locket (2004 T247)
Crewkerne Post-Medieval silver dress hook (2008 T390)
North Curry Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress hook (2007 T172)
Bishops Hull Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress hook (2005 T525)
Bruton Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress hook (2004 T439)
Staffordshire Potteries Museum & Art Gallery Ilam Bronze Age gold strip (2005 T80)
Rugely area Bronze or Iron Age gold ring (2011 T712)
Harlaston Iron Age coin hoard (2013 T157)
Stafford area Iron Age gold coin hoard (2010 T458)
Lichfield Roman bracelet (2004 T491)
Brewood and Coven Roman gold necklace link (2010 T527)
Church Eaton Roman silver coin hoard (2011 T654)
Lichfield area Anglo-Saxon brooch (2005 T94)
Acton Trussell and Bednall Anglo-Saxon object (2011 T33)
Staffordshire Anglo-Saxon hoard (2009 T394)**
Hammerwich Anglo-Saxon pendant (2004 T324)
Wootton Anglo-Saxon strap-end (2005 T183)
Lichfield Viking Age silver ingot (2009 T194)
Mavison Ridware Medieval silver ear scoop (2012 T403)
Wall Medieval gold finger-ring (2003 T353)
Ilam Medieval silver finger-ring (2004 T323)
Stowe-by-Chartley Medieval gold finger-ring (2005 T91)
Stowe area Post-Medieval coin hoard (2004 T498)
Yoxall Post-Medieval silver buckle (2008 T376)
Eccleshall Post-Medieval silver cufflink (2015 T242)
Hopwas area Post-Medieval silver cufflink (2016 T979)
Drayton Bassett Post-Medieval pendant (2007 T324)
Wheaton Aston Post-Medieval silver coin hoard (2015 T126)
Suffolk Ipswich Museum Dallinghoo Iron Age coin hoard (2008 T226)
Mildenhall Museum Mildenhall area Bronze Age penannular ring (SF-0F8347) 
Mildenhall Roman coin hoard (2007 T165/2010 T73/2011 T682)
Moyses Hall Museum (tbc) Bury St Edmunds Medieval sword (2017 T130)
Surrey Guildford Museum Mickleham hoard (2003 T410)
Leatherhead Post-Medieval gold finger-ring (2006 T309)
West Clandon Medieval silver strap clasp (2006 T191)
Reigate Medieval brooch frame (2006 T492)
Medieval gold ring (2006 T576)
Brockham Bronze Age hoard (2008 T64)
Frensham Early Medieval pin-head (2009 T41)
West Clandon Post-Medieval silver seal-matrix (2009 T486)
Guildford Medieval roundel (2009 T266)
Godstone Post-Medieval silver cufflink (2009 T599)
Weybridge Post-Medieval silver whistle (2010 T162)
Salfords and Sidlow Roman silver finger-ring (2010 T199)
The Lightbox Woking Medieval gold finger-ring (2013 T520)
Sussex Collections Discovery Centre, Fishbourne Roman Palace Lavant Bronze Age penannular ring (2002 T191)
Arundel area Bronze Age pendant (2005 T421)
Chichester area Bronze Age penannular ring (2004 T79)
Chichester area Iron Age silver coins (2011 T137)
Chichester area Medieval gold finger-ring (2006 T63)
Medieval gold brooch (T321)
Aldingbourne Medieval silver terminal or pendant (2005 T291)
Stoughton Medieval silver-gilt signet ring (2007 T239)
Funtington Medieval gold finger-ring (2012 T419)
Northchapel area Post-Medieval silver pin (2004 T38)
Chichester area Post-Medieval silver sword chape (2009 T744)
Boxgrove Post-Medieval gold mourning ring (2007 T29)
Loxwood area Post-Medieval gold posy ring (2012 T554)
The Novium Chichester area Romangold  finger-ring (2011 T861)
Tyne and Wear Great North Museum Holy Island Post-Medieval coin hoard (2012 T19)
unknown not acquired Prince Edward Medieval hawking ring (2009 T62)
Warwickshire Market Hall Museum, Warwick Middleton Medieval gold pendant plate (2014 T713)
West Midlands Herbert Art Gallery & Museum Coventry Anglo-Saxon gold mount (2013 T407)
Coventry Medieval gold pendant (MME 55)
Solihull area Early Medieval gold pendant (2012 T705)
West Midlands Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery Staffordshire Anglo-Saxon hoard (2009 T394)**
Wiltshire Athelstan Museum Lea and Clevertton Post-Medieval gold fede ring (2010 T718)
St Paul Malmebusry Without Post-Medieval gold finger-ring (2011 T686)
Wiltshire Salisbury Museum Wardour Iron Age & Bronze Age hoard (2011 T684)
Hindon Bronze/Iron Age hoard (2012 T46)
Wiltshire Swindon Museum & Art Gallery Chisledon Medieval silver-gilt finger-ring (2014 T425)
Hannington Post-Medieval gold finger-ring (2014 T792)
Wiltshire Wiltshire Museum Ogbourne St Andrew Anglo-Saxon gold bead (2005 T87)
Cricklaid Anglo-Saxon gold and copper-alloy sword pommel (2010 T564)
Stockley Viking gold finger-ring (2013 T787)
Windsor and Maidenhead Maidenhead Heritage Centre Shottesbrooke Medieval silver finger-ring (2013 T565)
Worcestershire Worcestershire County Museum Bredon Roman coin hoard (2011 T378)
Elmley Lovett Roman silver coin hoard (2014 T481)
Beoley Early Medieval silver strap end (2015 T172)
Dodderhill Medieval silver coin hoard (2013 T611)
Wrexham Wrexham Museum Wrexham Bronze Age gold lock-ring (12.16 & 13.06)
Llay Medieval silver and gold coin hoard (05.16)
Rossett Bronze Age copper-alloy and gold hoard
Yorkshire, East Riding of Hull & East Riding Museum Thwing Bronze Age gold penannular ring (2015 T76)
Thwing Bronze Age gold penannular ring (2015 T198)
Shiptonthorpe Roman gold earring (2009 T716)
Brantingham Early Medieval silver-gilt brooch terminal (2014 T594)
Market Weighton Early Medieval silver-gilt mount (2014 T886)
Paull Medieval silver-gilt coin brooch (2007 T626)
Bishop Burton Medieval silver-gilt brooch (2010 T310)
Bolton Medieval silver-gilt brooch (2008 T207)
Yapham Medieval gold finger-ring (2010 T251)
Cherry Burton Medieval gold finger-ring (2008 T490)
Pocklington Medieval silver finger-ring (2010 T246)
Bishop Wilton Medieval silver finger-ring (2009 T656)
Wold Newton Post-Medieval silver-gilt dress hook (2011 T308)
Woodmansey Post-Medieval silver bodkin (2009 T536)
Hayton Post-Medieval silver cuff-link (2010 T252)
Beverley Iron Age gold coin hoard (2002 T19)
Driffield Roman silver coin hoard (2002 T92)
Barmby Moor Roman gold earrings (2004 T189)
Treasure House, Beverley North Dalton Roman coin hoard (2006 T148)
Bridlington area Bronze Age copper-alloy hoard (2011 T768)
Bridlington area Bronze Age copper-alloy hoard (2013 T11)
Stamford Bridge Medieval silver-gilt crucifix (2010 T799)
Beverley Iron Age coin hoard (#56 in year 2000)
Aldborough sword pommel (MME 9)
Aldbrough Anglo-Saxon sword pommel
Yorkshire, North Whitby Museum Ugthorpe Roman coin hoard (2007 T416)
Yorkshire Museum Towton Iron Age torc (2010 T350)
Towton Iron Age torc (2011 T326)
Walkington Iron Age coin hoard (2002 T19 etc)
Tadcaster Roman hoard (2005 T268)
Plompton Roman coin hoard (2007 T424 & 2010 T389)
York Early Medieval torc
Bedale Viking silver and gold hoard (2012 T373)
Vale of York Viking silver and gold hoard (2007 T2)**
Whitley Early Medieval silver-gilt brooch (2014 T226)
Towton Viking gold finger-ring (2008 T384)
Middleham Early Medieval grave assemblage (2011 T300)
Beadlam Early Medieval gold and silver-alloy ingot (2014 T783)
Poppleton Anglo-Saxon silver and niello strap-ends (2001 T2)
Estrick Early Medieval gold ring (2009 T223)
Yorkshire, West Leeds Museum West Yorkshire Early Medieval gold ring hoard (2008 T553)