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The British Museum blog has moved

The British Museum blog has moved to a new home, where we will continue to share with you the Museum’s many stories.

The new British Museum blog is not just a redesign but a rethink of what a blog is for. As we’ve been going through the process of replacing our websites over the last year, starting with the new search portal you can find at, we’ve been thinking deeply about what each of these destinations is for.

A blog needs to tell stories – that much is obvious – but what kinds of stories and why? The beauty of the Museum is its diversity – from new research about the collection, to the work carried out by our scientists and conservators, and from our social media videos and podcasts to exhibitions and public programming, there is a world to discover and a world we’re proud to share.


Here’s a message from our Director, Hartwig Fisher, on the Museum’s role in an ongoing global conversation: Why 15 January?

The blog’s role is to capture the diversity of the Museum and make it accessible to our readers in as many ways as possible. From long-form articles exploring subjects in great detail, to listicles about things you (probably) didn’t know about the Museum, we want to find the right ways to share stories with you.



You may think you know the Museum, but there’s always more to discover: 29 things you (probably) didn’t know about the British Museum

When new blogs are posted we will tell you about it via social media. If you’re not already following us, you will discover a wealth of content and information about what’s going on at the Museum via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

We hope that you’ll continue to find the British Museum blog to be an exploratory resource and a go-to site for relevant and thought-provoking posts about not only wonderful objects, but all the areas in which the Museum works.

At this early stage in the new blog’s life, we’d love to get your feedback and to know what you think works and doesn’t work. Once you’ve had a look around the site, please take a few moments to fill in our survey so that we can continue to improve on our digital output.

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