Gaverne Bennett’s highlight objects: African kingdoms timeline
29 October 2021

Explore our new African kingdoms timeline with Gaverne Bennett, who has selected a range of fascinating objects to take a closer look at.

Bonnie Greer: what we have saved from the fire
3 June 2020

Following the killing of George Floyd and the protests that are now taking place around the world, playwright, critic and former British Museum Trustee Bonnie Greer explores the ideas of trauma and reclamation, and how we need to use the past to build our future.

Bonnie Greer: the Era of Reclamation
8 January 2020

Bonnie Greer OBE, playwright, critic and former British Museum Trustee, explores her relationship with the Museum and what she calls the ‘Era of Reclamation’ – a time for conversations around ownership, not only of ourselves and our identities but of what we believe belongs to us.