How to cook a medieval feast: 11 recipes from the Middle Ages
16 December 2020

Looking for an alternative Christmas dinner? Whip up a medieval feast with 11 recipes from the Middle Ages.

Discovering a 4,500-year-old olive oil factory in Jordan
26 November 2020

In this blog post, curator Jamie Fraser and scientist Caroline Cartwright run you through the archaeology and science involved in tracking down an ancient olive oil factory, and explain how the process of making modern olive oil would be familiar to people in the past.

The tea-rific history of Victorian afternoon tea
14 August 2020

In celebration of Afternoon Tea week, food historian Tasha Marks explores the history of the much-loved afternoon treat.

Historical city travel guide: Thebes, Egypt, 13th century BC
12 June 2020

Travel back to the 13th century BC and to Thebes – one of ancient Egypt’s most important cities. Ramesses II is reigning pharaoh and Thebes is a bustling city with impressive monuments, flourishing trade, delicious food and lively festivals.

The story of sugar in 5 objects
13 June 2018

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A sip of history: ancient Egyptian beer
25 May 2018

As part of the Pleasant vices series, food historian Tasha Marks invited brewers Michaela Charles and Susan Boyle to help her recreate a 5,000-year-old beer.

The 18th-century chocolate champions
18 May 2018

Food historian Tasha Marks explores the chocolate heyday of London and recreates Sir Hans Sloane’s hot chocolate recipe as part of our Pleasant vices series.

Baked beans to ambergris: the top 5 weird and wonderful aphrodisiacs
11 May 2018

As part of our series on ‘pleasant vices’, food historian Tasha Marks shares her top 5 aphrodisiacs from the British Museum’s collection.