A processional chariot from south India
8 February 2018

Curator Richard Blurton takes a closer look at a remarkable processional chariot from Shrirangam in south India, and explains how it relates to the Hindu god Vishnu.

What’s in a name? Months of the year
29 December 2017

We mark time in many different ways. One unit – the month – has been in use for thousands of years. We use their names all the time, but what do the months’ names mean and where do they come from? Take a closer look…

A winding trail: following serpents, dragons and other water beings around the world
31 October 2017

Cultural anthropologist Veronica Strang, Executive Director of the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Durham, reveals the widespread role of water serpent beings in religious belief and ritual across the world.

Living with gods: highlight objects
10 October 2017

Exhibition Curator Jill Cook provides a short introduction to some of the highlights of the exhibition Living with gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond.

Solar eclipses, then and now
21 August 2017

As a solar eclipse crosses the United States on 21 August 2017, Curator Jonathan Taylor takes a look at what the Babylonians thought of this celestial phenomenon.