The British Museum Membercast: Halloween
27 November 2018

Follow Iszi as she wanders around the Museum out of hours on Halloween. Listen to spooky tales, hear a ghostly interview from a curator who worked at the Museum at the height of the Second World War and discover more about the Iron Age penchant for serving mulled wine by the bucketful.

Prints of darkness
31 October 2018

Our curators have picked 10 of their frightening favourites from the Museum’s Prints and Drawings collection – from ghosts to ghouls, and a witches’ Sabbath to skeletons…

Cauldrons and flesh-hooks: between the living and the dead in ancient Britain and Ireland
26 October 2017

Jennifer Wexler and Neil Wilkin trace the roots of supernatural stories told today by studying two unique objects from a misty period of our ancient past.