The art of imitation – 19th century Islamic revivalism
23 December 2019

Discover how Islamic design and technique prompted Western artists and craftspeople to create imitations or variations of the originals they encountered, and the impact this had on Western art and design.

Inspired by the east – connecting collections
5 November 2019

Trustee of the Albukhary Foundation, Sharifah Zarah Albukhary discusses why the collaboration between two museums half way across the globe is so important in presenting the connections between East and West.

The British Museum Membercast: Inspired by the east
22 October 2019

Iszi meets Julia Tugwell and Olivia Threlkeld, curators of Inspired by the east how the Islamic world influenced western art to discuss the Islamic world’s influence on Western art.

An introduction to Orientalist painting
9 October 2019

Curator Julia Tugwell takes a closer look at the art movement of Orientalism, and the way in which North Africa and the Middle East were often represented as lands of beauty and intrigue by Western artists.