A processional chariot from south India
8 February 2018

Curator Richard Blurton takes a closer look at a remarkable processional chariot from Shrirangam in south India, and explains how it relates to the Hindu god Vishnu.

The British Museum Membercast: Living with gods
31 January 2018

This month Iszi visits Living with gods, an exhibition that examines how people believe, rather than considering what they believe. Living with gods: peoples, places, and worlds beyond is supported by the Genesis Foundation and with grateful thanks to John Studzinski CBE.

Reading Margery Kempe’s inner voices
17 January 2018

What it is like to hear voices that no-one else can? What does it mean? Professor Charles Fernyhough discusses the life of Margery Kempe, an English mystic who documented her experience with inner voices 600 years ago, and how her experiences can help to refine psychological and neuroscientific accounts of hallucinations.

The science of belief: a conversation
4 January 2018

Scientists Colin Blakemore and Tom McLeish examine how the cognitive impetus that drove the emergence of science might be considered to be the same impetus that fostered religion and other metaphysical beliefs.

A winding trail: following serpents, dragons and other water beings around the world
31 October 2017

Cultural anthropologist Veronica Strang, Executive Director of the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Durham, reveals the widespread role of water serpent beings in religious belief and ritual across the world.