The British Museum Membercast: A year in the life of scientific research at the Museum
25 April 2018

This month Iszi presents the Members’ exclusive lecture from Carl Heron, Director of Scientific Research, looking at spectacular new research findings, the development of new laboratory facilities, and the many activities of the department.

The British Museum Membercast: Cracking the Egyptian code
27 March 2018

This month Iszi presents Jean-François Champollion and his extraordinary life through author Andrew Robinson’s exclusive Members’ lecture.

The British Museum Membercast: Transforming a gallery
28 February 2018

This month Iszi interviews Jonathan Lubikowski all about the redevelopment of The Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia.

The British Museum Membercast: Living with gods
31 January 2018

This month Iszi visits Living with gods, an exhibition that examines how people believe, rather than considering what they believe. Living with gods: peoples, places, and worlds beyond is supported by the Genesis Foundation and with grateful thanks to John Studzinski CBE.

The British Museum Membercast: Egyptian art
22 December 2017

This month Iszi talks to curator Marcel Maree all about Egyptian art. She finds out why foot position is so important, if Egyptians had fonts and what it took to become an ancient Egyptian artist. 

The British Museum Membercast: Currency, communism and credit
27 November 2017

This month Iszi talks to curator Thomas Hockenhull all about the free exhibition the currency of communism. She finds out why shells are hard to forge, how communist states purposely made their currency feel worthless and even uses Thomas’ crystal ball to look at the future of money.

The British Museum Membercast: the BP exhibition Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia
24 October 2017

This month Iszi talks to curator St John Simpson all about the BP exhibition Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia. She discovers the importance of their Tattoos, how they buried their dead and even how their culture used drugs.

The British Museum Membercast: The man who collected the world
29 August 2017

Iszi Lawrence talks to Historian James Delbourgo all about his new biography of Hans Sloane, Collecting the World. They discuss Sloane’s pursuit of ‘universal knowledge’, how he contributed to the founding of the British Museum and his association with the slave trade.

The British Museum Membercast: Friends, Romans, countrymen? – Part 2
25 July 2017

Julia Farley, Curator of British and European Iron Age Collections, once again joins Iszi Lawrence to examine the early years of the Roman conquest. Iszi puts your questions to Julia as they examine life in Roman Britain – from female warriors to druids. Highlighting fascinating facts, Julia and Iszi reveal the people behind the objects.