Music of the world: a symphony of cultures
16 April 2018

As the British Museum’s music festival Europe and the world: a symphony of cultures opens, Simon Broughton looks at how and why music is played across the world and has been for centuries.

A history of world music in 15 instruments
5 April 2018

From the ancient Egyptians to the Sámi people of northern Europe, music has been an integral part of societies around the world. To celebrate the Museum’s first major musical festival this April, here are 15 extraordinary instruments from history that hit just the right note!

A Vodou drum at the British Museum
16 March 2018

Oungan (Vodou priest) and ethnomusicologist Gerdès Fleurant and Caribbean historian Kate Ramsey tell us more about a Vodou drum, on display now for the first time, in Room 3.

Europe and the world: a symphony of cultures
6 March 2018

For two weeks this April, the British Museum will become a stage for music, with performances taking inspiration from around the world.