10 questions about the emperor Nero… and some curious answers
24 May 2021

The name Nero is synonymous with tyranny, but what do we really know about the infamous Roman emperor? Mary Beard, historian and British Museum Trustee, asks 10 questions to search for the truth behind the myth.

Who was Nero?
22 April 2021

Nero is one of Rome’s most infamous rulers, notorious for his cruelty, debauchery and eccentricity. But was he really the tyrant that history has painted him to be? Nero exhibition curator Francesca Bologna goes in search of the real Nero. 

What’s on at the British Museum in 2021?
27 November 2020

From the story of one of Rome’s most infamous emperors, to the assassination of Thomas Becket, see what special exhibitions are coming up in our 2021 programme.