Researching LGBTQ connections in the South Asia collection
18 January 2022

Volunteers respond to four objects in the collection that relate to LGBTQ histories, and offer an insight into ongoing research that is taking place behind the scenes.

What’s it like being a woman working in the arts?
24 February 2021

Hear from a range of women working at the Museum as they shed light on their specialisms, career trajectories and the inspirational power of Rachel Weisz.

Kali rises in the East
9 December 2020

A mother, warrior, and symbol of revolution – the Tantric goddess Kali has many forms. Guest author Alex Wolfers explores them and examines Kali’s insurgent history in colonial Bengal.

Demystifying Tantric sex
23 September 2020

Tantra transformed South Asia’s major religions, and today elements of it can still be found across Asia’s diverse cultures. However, it remains largely misunderstood in the West, where it is usually equated with sex.

What is Tantra?
23 January 2020

As we announce Tantra: enlightenment to revolution, exhibition curator Imma Ramos explains how this radical South Asian philosophy has been opening up new ways of seeing the world for 1,500 years.

The Hindu festival of Holi
2 March 2018

Curator Sushma Jansari explains Holi, and highlights some of the remarkable paintings in the Museum’s collection depicting aspects of this Hindu festival.

A processional chariot from south India
8 February 2018

Curator Richard Blurton takes a closer look at a remarkable processional chariot from Shrirangam in south India, and explains how it relates to the Hindu god Vishnu.

Ravi Shankar’s sitar: bringing India to the world
27 December 2017

Curator Richard Blurton tells the story behind an exciting new acquisition – a sitar owned and played by the great Indian musician Ravi Shankar.

A journey through China and South Asia in eight objects
14 December 2017

To celebrate the opening of our new gallery of China and South Asia, eight of our curators have each picked a key object on display.

India and the world
10 November 2017

Research Manager JD Hill talks about a brand new exhibition in Mumbai, the latest collaboration between the British Museum and museums in India.

A royal welcome! Her Majesty The Queen opens China and South Asia Gallery
9 November 2017

On 8 November 2017, we were delighted to welcome Her Majesty The Queen to officially open the Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia.

The power of patronage at the Great Shrine of Amaravati
11 August 2017

The Great Shrine of Amaravati was one of the most important Buddhist monuments in the world. Curator Imma Ramos explains the long history of this sacred site, and how we’re using new technology to help people find out about the people who funded its construction.

South Asia season 2017
3 May 2017

2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Indian independence, and the emergence of India and Pakistan as independent nation states and is also the India-UK Year of Culture. To celebrate this, the British Museum is presenting a season bringing together different activity in London and across the UK, celebrating the many cultures of South Asia.